About Me

My name is Kaitlin Kraushaar, and I am working towards my Arts Education degree at the University of Regina, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a Visual Arts major!


I grew up in the small town of Indian Head with my three siblings and parents. As a child, I was very athletic, and had an appreciation for art; I was always outside running or biking, and when I was not doing that, I was drawing or colouring. It was not until high school that I was fully able to explore my interests. Here, I was presented with many athletic opportunities – volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, etc. – as well as an art room filled with mass amounts of supplies. As I journeyed through six years of high school, I was able to discover my identity with a bit of help. I can honestly say, that without my encouraging and excellent, coaches and teaches, I would not be the person that I am today.

The reason that I joined the Faculty of Education was because I was inspired by my former teachers. My teachers provided me with a welcoming and positive learning environment, one that I am extremely thankful for, and I believe that every student deserves to learn in this type of environment. As a teacher, I aim to create an environment that is fun, inclusive, and memorable. I will use the knowledge I have gained from my former, and present, teachers to inspire and assist students in their own journey of learning.

When I am not in class, studying, or working on homework, I am heading home for the weekend to Indian Head. Giving back to my home town was always a major part of my life growing up, and still holds a special place in my heart. When I can, I will babysit for families in town, and spend the day making crafts, going to the park or pool, reading books and colouring. I take time to support the community’s athletics by refereeing, or cheering on the various teams at their home games. My passion for the arts always brings me to the community’s productions and concerts whether it is put on by the school, theater, or town council. I love the atmosphere that these activities provide me and my community with, and it is one of my goals is to venture out into the community of Regina to give back as well!


Some of my other goals include…

-Volunteer with unique children programs

-Complete my Education degree at the University of Regina

-Complete my Arts degree through online courses while traveling and teaching around the country and potentially the world!


I hope to achieve my goals, and use the knowledge that I have learned to further my abilities as a teacher.


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